Belle & Sebastian - Talk To Me Talk To Me (Music Video)

Record Label Beggars Group
Produced by Ed Salkeld & Naz Sadoughi
Directed by Rosalie & Freya

Following our 'everyone' mantra to the letter, we recently worked with 15yr old rising director-DOP duo and twins Freya and Rosalie on their debut music video for Scottish indie band Belle & Sebastian. Their promo was shot with a cast and crew all of whom were under the age of 18, in and around their home borough of Lewisham in southeast London, it was a huge success, and scooped them write ups in The Independent (see below), Rolling Stone and MXDWN.

From an interview with Stuart Murdoch by Craig McLean from The Independent.

The singer and songwriter, 53, plops himself down with boyish enthusiasm and eagerness to talk, and not necessarily because we have a bit of previous: I've been interviewing Murdoch, on and off, most of those 25 years. He's clearly thrilled with A Bit of Previous, the band's 11th studio album, not least because it's already speaking to a new generation of fans, the children of OG followers. "Right at this second, we have two 15-year-old sisters in southeast London making a video for us," he says proudly of the clip for the band's next single, the synth-propelled "Talk to Me Talk to Me" "You know, this is modern music - We ran out ot time and money to make any more videos. So I put a call out on Facebook: "Right. who wants to do the next video?' His request for an image and a 100-word pitch solicited "about 100 treatments, and all these guys my age replied, going: I'm in a woods. I'm looking at myself in a mirror. There's trees and it's dark.' I'm like, for f***' sake!" he says, exasperated at the clich├ęs from his gender and generation. "And then this mum said: My daughters are huge fans."

The sisters sent a mood board, "a collage of loads of pictures. And you could tell instantly what the vibe of the video is going to be. So they're doing it right now. They've involved their whole school, and we're gonna get them all along to the show in London [later this year]. I feel relieved, but I also feel very positive about it. It's good to let the youth have a go... to see that second generation that are interested in [us]. And the thing is, they'll come up with something that we could never have come up with, which'l probably spark off with younger folk, too.