Logitech - MX Keys Luyang

Proving our ability to come in on any aspect of a project, Logitech MX via Vice/Virtue, demanded a more specific journey. We post-produced, onlined and delivered three 30-second content films, each a visual journey in itself, and then unleashed a plethora of cutdowns in every format imaginable.

Our post team was a truely global collaboration, with compositors, a CGI team and ouselves all working from different corners of the globe spanning from India to the Netherlands to Barcelona and of course London - reflecting the true essence of the Everyone ethos.

Everyone Content
Post Producer - Ramon Ricard
Online Producer - Ed Salkeld
3D builds and finishing - Darri Thorsteinsson
AFX/Finish India- Yash Agraval and Shivam Solanki
AFX/Finish UK - Oliver Durant @ Soho Editors

Director - Melody Maker
Producer - Clare Gibson
DoP - Hunter Daly
VFX Super: Mark Spevick
Quite Brilliant (VP Studio) - Russ Shaw &Chris Chaundler