Stella Artois - Return to the Pub (Match shot for TV Commercial)

After lockdown and seeing how badly the hospitality sector was doing the people at Stella Artois decided to help pub bar staff by giving £1 from every pint of Stella back to the bar staff in pubs all over the country.

In order to let people know their agency needed a new tv commercial and came up with the idea of using shots from one of their most iconic tv ads to create a new film, however the only shot they didn't have was of someone giving a tip to the bar tender, so that's where we came in!

We were tasked with shooting the missing shot so it would fit seamlessly into the edit to complete the new film. Firstly we had to build a set in the style of the preceeding shot, we had to find a bar top, old Stella Artois tap, match props and wardrobe and get hand and body models in to match the original characters. The action was straightforward and all went swimmingly on the day.

Agency: Draftline
Producer: Lucy Benson-Brown
Director: Ed Salkeld